Publication design integrates text with images to visually support the content. Reader- friendly print material can easily be read and understood for information thereby engaging the audience with elements that catch the eye. When we design a text book for school industry, we make sure that each chapter in a book follows a certain pattern in terms of design, layout, illustrations and presentation and aligns with the necessary and required pedagogy. In a magazine, for example, we include callouts of related information or illustrations to visualise an article. For annual reports, we focus on conveying the story behind the organisation and suggest smart and interesting ways to display data visually, such as charts and infographics.


In multi-page layouts, there are many small, but important things to consider — footnotes and folios, active links for a web version, widows, orphans, copyrights, photo credits and many more. We take pride in paying attention to the minute details and create products we are proud to share.


Illustration is a very powerful tool used in visual communication, be it a story, a message or a feeling. Using art and words together helps explain or clarify otherwise difficult or complicated ideas. It helps in creating interest in a new or unknown subjects and is good for holding people's attention spans. There are different types of Illustration which can target audiences in different contexts. We offer a wide range of illustration styles, from stylized to realistic to suit your requirement.


Book cover is the first impression that a book creates on its potential reader. A book cover design is one of the most important aspects of marketing a books. Buyers at any bookstore are bound to be attracted by the amount of creative energy that a book cover has. Our creative team makes sure that every cover that we design, stands out by itself.